Reach Out to History for Examples of Similar Policies

Need just the right story? Donald Trump wants to build a wall. Here's a book, The Tunnels by Greg Mitchell about Berlin, the media that tried to fund a tunnel under  it, and the government who tried to stop the tunnel. Sounds fascinating.

The Tunnels: Escapes Under the Berlin Wall..

The Tunnels: Escapes Under the Berlin Wall...

Focus on Behavior of the Followers as Well as the Candidates

Do we have a part to play in politics? Should it be violent or reasoned?

"I just watched a video on a homeless woman getting attacked and cussed at, and degraded for defending a the Trump Hollywood Star.
And then I started to wonder when did it become acceptable to verbally and physically bash each other over who the heck is running for president? When did we stop teaching our children to have love and compassion for each other? When did we stop teaching our children that disagreement should not be acted in the form of belittlement or hate or even violence? Somewhere this negative energy has to stop, it will either build and escalate or we each can do our part to help dissolve this negativity. How? I think it starts with us not being part of the problem, we can stand up for injustice, we can teach our children love and respect, and most of all we can model our values and what we were brought up with. We CAN change the world one person at time or at least we ourselves can share compassion and understanding." Gina Skov Hansen

Compare Current Debates with Former Debates

One television network aired the 1960 debates the other night. What a difference! We were in an alternate universe. The Republican defended the status quo much like Hillary defends the greatness of status-quo America. The Democrat pushed for change asking people to do for their country rather than the other way around - possibly to "Make America Great Again." Here's an eight-minute youtube clip of the first debate.

Check Out PBS

Peter Paccone wrote an article, Teaching the Election in an Age of Hate for PBS that you should read.

Teach Argument Writing

TCOE Professional Development

TCOE Professional Development

How are you teaching the election? Does it come up in conversations in the classroom? Tell us what you think. Comment here or on Valley Social Studies Teachers. Share this link.

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