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  • Do teachers need an advocate for social studies in California? At SJVCSS we think so. We teach full time. Who has time to figure out what legislators are doing?
  • Want to know what's happening in social studies at the legislative and Department of Education level? At California Council for the Social Studies, we think this is so important that we invest in an attorney who serves as a legislative analyst who fights our battles with us.
  • Do teachers have a stake in social studies assessment?  What is happening with LCAP? Experts on committees share information in the Social Studies Review and through newsletters. Sometimes we get so busy just trying to deal with cell phones and getting through the curriculum that we get lost on the big issues that rock our world. CCSS and SJVCSS have our backs.
  • Join  California Council for the Social Studies  and POOF, you are a voting member of SJVCSS, too.

At the Local Level:

  • Leadership training and opportunities.
  • Educational and fun learning experiences with local teachers and their families.
  • Up to date information through social media.
  • Opportunities to network online in our Facebook group.
  • Useful articles and resources FREE on the website.
  • Recognition of local excellence.


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