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There are so many links in all the social studies that it is overwhelming. This first publication of links is not extensively annotated. It is subdivided by the major disciplines of social studies. Many thanks are due Dr. Peg Hill for her extensive research in finding these websites. The Religious Studies and First Amendment websites came from her work with the California 3Rs Project. Thank you also to the Inland Empire Council for the Social Studies for first posting these links.

California Geographic Alliance
CIA World Factbook
Environmental Education Curriculum
Find Your Way Through Trade
Physical Environment:   An Introduction to Physical Geography
National Geographic Education
Xpeditions Archive National Geographic has several different links that are difficult to categorize, but would work well for students.
A Year of Reading the World  A blog was inspired byAnne Morgan's year-long journey through a book from every country in the world, which I recorded on this blog. Here is a list of them.
American History
Slavery by Another Name
CRF Lessons about American Presidents
CRF Lessons on U.S. History Topics


National History Education Clearinghouse
Historical Thinking Matters
Reading Like a Historian Lessons
Smithsonian History Explorer
National Archives Teacher Resources
Lessons - National Museum of the American Indian
Presidential Libraries - National Archives
History - History by Era
History Matters - US History Survey Course
History Lessons Using First Day Covers
Political Cartoons
Primary Source Blog  seldom told stories with primary sources.
California History
E-Reference Desk  overview of CA history
California Historical Society
Library of Congress a topical overview with paragraphs about each of 16 topics from the geography, first peoples to the turn of the century in CA.
Info Please a topical narrative   encyclopedia with links in each paragraph
World History
CRF Lessons on World   History Topics
Big History Project
World History for Us All
Asia Society
Asia for Educators
Explore Byzantium
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Internet Medieval   Sourcebook
Early Modern Europe History Websites
General History
American Institute for History Education   high-quality professional development programs, firmly anchored in rich historical content, along with substantive historical lessons, activities, and resources to use in their classrooms.
Discovery Education  This is a recommended site for video clips.
California History Project   Building Literacy Through History, Civil War Blueprints
Eyewitness to History   Ancient history to modern days a place primary sources, video clips, and   photos, as well as background information
History Buff   primary source newspaper articles
Library of Congress   collections of primary source materials and lesson plans
Mr. Donn Social Studies   simple power point presentations, lesson plans and games on most topics from ancient history to modern times.
PowerPoint Palooza   - well-developed power point presentations with primary sources, photos, maps, and timelines  - high school AP, student projects, and other teacher's materials.
Smithsonian   gateway to the Smithsonian educational resources for teachers and students
Teaching History   - National History Educational Clearinghouse speeches, content, photographs
Civic Education
Center for Civic Education   - We the People and the Constitution Program, Project Citizen Programs
Constitutional Rights   Foundation -   Civics, Law and Government Programs including Mock Trial, City Youth, and City   Works Programs
Bill of Rights Institute   ConstitutionalAcademy, contests
Annenberg Classroom Resources for Excellent Civic Education   games, videos, ibooks, Constitution guides and much more for teachers and   students to access
Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues   classroom appropriate arguments from both sides of 43 controversial issues related   to public policy
Dirkson Center teaching about Congress
iCivics Curriculum Finder
EL Civics Resources
National Service Learning Clearinghouse
Religious Studies and   First Amendment Rights
Anti-Defamation League   - Prop 48 Materials
Facing History and Ourselves   helps students understand how human behavior plays a critical role in shaping history.
First Amendment Center   - curriculum for religious history in America, the book Finding Common   Ground is online - a foremost resource for negotiating peace in communities where controversial issues tear people apart.
California 3Rs Project   - helps district and site administrators with hot topics for public schools   related to religious liberty such as SB48, Bullying, the Bible and public   schools, and religious holidays
Teaching Tolerance   - a program that works to foster inclusive and nurturing classrooms
Newseum's Religious Freedom Project   find the latest religious liberty news and programs on current hot topics
American Academy of Religions   has a scholarly, but readable booklet which provides guidelines and examples   of how to teacher about religion in public schools
Harvard University Pluralism Project World Religions in America   a decade-long research project to engage students in studying diverse   religions in the United States
Religion and Public Education Resource Center   general information about ethical, legal, and educational issues that arise   in public education
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly   complete resource of interviews on religiously related topics
Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life   conducts surveys, demographic analyses and other social science research on   important aspects of religion and public life
Americans for Religious Liberty   a voice for separation of church and state
Teaching About Religion   provides background information and classroom materials for teaching about   religion in public schools that reflect neutrality regarding religion
Religious Freedom Page   links to religious liberty related court decisions and primary sources
U.S. Department of Justice   information about laws protecting religious liberty and examples of types of  Civil Rights Division cases
First Freedom Center   advance fundamental human rights of freedom of religion and freedom of   conscience using primary documents, lesson plans, and student competition
National School Boards Association   links to First Amendment rights issues such as prayer, religious instruction,   religious garb, religious observations, and religious displays, and claims   under the federal Equal Access Act
Education for Freedom  lessons that address constitutional principles and contemporary issues   involving the First Amendment
Exploring Constitutional Law   primarily for law students exploring capstone issues and controversial cases related to the First Amendment
George Washington Institute for Religious Freedom   teacher lesson resources on George Washington's Letter to the Touro Synagogue   in Rhode Island   as well as other religious liberty documents
Religious Tolerance   provides a study of the world's religions with scholarly articles on world religions
CA Council for Economic Education
EconEdLink: Economics   & Personal Finance Resources K-12
Online Personal Finance Games
Financial Fitness for Life
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia - Lesson Plans

 One Main Lending

Black History Month,,
Presidents DayCenter for Civic Education's Presidents Day Page
Constitution Day   & Citizenship DayCenter for Civic Education
Women's History Month,,,
CA History-Social Science Course Models
CLRN - California Learning Resources Network
National Council for the Social Studies national professional organization advocating for history-social science teachers
California Council for the Social Studies CA state professional organization advocating for history-social science teachers
Merlot - Humanities and Social Science multi-media resources for learning and online education
Teaching with the News
Student Events- Common Core Project Based Learning Experiences
National History Day   A year-long academic program focused on historical research for 6-12 graders
National History Day California  A year-long academic program focused on historical research for 4-12 graders
Mock Trial Program
First Amendment Cartoon Contest
National Economics Challenge
We the People - Citizen and the Constitution
We the People: Project Citizen